(Text & photos by Sarthak Kathayat)

Yeah right! It’s the New Delhi Railway Station. I went there last year to complete my photography assignment for my college. This was the place that gave birth to the whole idea of this entire blog.

So! We all must have traveled by a train. And like every Indian parent advice, you should reach the railway station at least an hour before to avoid missing your train. And mind you! If you miss your train, that would make you regret a lot. But still, many reach at the station at the last minute. And those who make it an hour before, simply chill sitting on a bench. But is that all what goes on a railway station? Is it just about arrival and departure?

Certainly not! At least not when we hear what the railway station has got to tell us. 


dsc_0095The red ants: Oh these men in red! They roam around within me like red ants move on the ground. I never see them denying anyone. They gather around every incoming train just like the red ants clutter over sugar and taking a small bite whenever they can.


dsc_0033Little breaks of enjoyment: Amidst the sound of engines, they enjoy little breaks. They smoke, they talk, they laugh, they prepare for the next train. They move throughout the day carrying heavy loads on their head yet I never hear them complaining about their work. Is this the definition of hard work?


dsc_0132Weight of my responsibilities: Most of you may not know this guy is! I see him everyday. There are many others like him. A sack on his back, he collects what others throw away just to keep me clean. More his sack gets filled, more does his family get to eat.


dsc_0153It doesn’t matter: When you have to earn for living, no work seems small and age seems to be just a number. I witness the will and strength of so many like him everyday. No matter what the weather forecast says, this Harry Potter with his broom is always there with me.


dsc_0172The timeless wait: I see people wait, wait for their loved ones. And at times this wait seems like eternity.


dsc_0116The dear one: Not only people wait on my stairs, they even wait when their ride takes time to depart from me. I am so obliged to the new technology that now the distance means nothing on the messages.


dsc_0173Meeting hours:  The tension of work seems to come out of the office now and people make use of me as meeting spots.


dsc_0155Let me sleep: Am not the place meant for arrivals and departures of rails only. I even provide you space for a cozy and comfortable sleep.



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