(Text and photos by Sarthak Kathayat)

When it comes to choose the color of our home walls, we tend to check the last color on the color palette since the colors create a soothing ambiance for us to live. Delhi’s open art district displays a vibrant use of colors on the walls. Art really has a potential of creating a positive impact on the city. The brilliant work the artists can be witnessed on several walls from Khanna Market  to Merchant Market.

Let’s see what each wall speaks for itself?


By Sarthak KathayatAn unconditional love: No matter what the circumstances are, the love of a mother comes without any conditions. When it comes about her child, a mother would feed the child even with her heart.


By Sarthak KathayatLost property: Nowhere to report and no one did come yet. Mr. Rakesh forgot to take his elephant back and the wait of this innocent creature seems like never ending.


By Sarthak KathayatUntamed wings: Our mind travels faster than the speed of light. One moment in the class room and the other moment in Paris. One moment remembering of Yoda and the other moment fantasizing of a dragon. The gateway to the galaxy of one’s innumerable thoughts.


By Sarthak KathayatUnforgettable sayings:  Advises and suggestions, too many to get yet hardly any taken. Popular sayings and quotes are read yet many of them diminishes from our memory with the passing time. Cross this wall and never forget the artist’s saying.


By Sarthak KathayatMaster of the universe: The advancements in science and technology will make mankind reach the zenith. Man will not stop until he unveils the secrets of universe and make his presence on every celestial body.


By Sarthak KathayatCandy anyone?: The trick or treat window.


By Sarthak KathayatThe journey: Amidst the pillars of the world, the journey of this sailor never ends.


By Sarthak KathayatWhat was it?: Residents astonished to what they saw last night. Guess it didn’t leave! 


By Sarthak KathayatColors of Delhi: Delhi is a blend of people from different backgrounds. No matter what their circumstances are, people here always find a way to rejoice. A fusion of emotions, are these the real colors of Delhi?


By Sarthak KathayatThe omnipresent: We see him, we need him everyday yet remember him only in tales of our freedom. But! He is watching. Sad from within yet smiles every time he sees the legacy that he left behind.


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