(Text and photos by Sarthak Kathayat)

Couples can be seen flocked around everyday in the Garden of 5 senses. I am not against anyone’s love but it should be understood that there is a time and a place to show your love to your loved one. Every time I went their for a shoot, i couldn’t find a descent spot to set up my camera. I myself was so embarrassed to shoot amidst the public display of love. At times i wonder about the plight of the place and what would it say as any other mortal?

What would the garden say as a mortal to anyone?


By Sarthak KathayatThe actual love: I hover among the speculations made on me about the couples that hang around me. But it’s not the only thing i should be known about! I am home to these innocents. Isn’t the love of a family, the bliss of togetherness and the joy of living together be the topic i should be talked about?


By Sarthak KathayatHardwork that pays: I am the workplace of so many like him. The miniatures that they sell earns them a living. Isn’t providing them a platform should be a topic of my identity as well?


By Sarthak KathayatFusion of colors: I am a display of too many colors. The flowers breed and become a center of attraction at many events. They add to the beauty of many homes and their fragrance rejuvenates many hearts. Shouldn’t this beauty be a part of my identity?


By Sarthak KathayatMemory spot: I witness some enthralling photographs. People come, capture and take back some colorful moments of their lives. Isn’t it less than any other topic to be talked about these days?


By Sarthak KathayatA play in dark: From sports to adventure, I provide experiences to everyone. Yet am known for the love making around me.


By Sarthak KathayatA request: I know, a dirty fish spoils the whole pond. I too feel helpless when I see all this around me. Even though I can’t do anything about it, all I can do is request everyone to know me for the good and not the bad!


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