(Text and photos by Sarthak Kathayat)

Back in the summers of  2016, I made this three day trip to Mcleodganj with one of my friend for a college assignment. This was my first trip with a friend. Three days, two nights and lot of memories. We tried to make the most of these 3 days. I saw too many tourists roaming around and everyone would depart with a set of their own experiences. But what Mcleodganj, like any other mortal would share?

Let’s see what Mcleodganj has got to share with us.


By Sarthak KathayatBuddham Sharanam: The aura of Buddhism can be felt around me. The disciples of His Holiness The Dalai Lama keeps the environment vibrant around me with the colors of Buddhism.


By Sarthak KathayatSeeking blessings: I see people around seeking for the blessings of Lord Buddha. I see them never miss a single prayer. I am always amazed to see the discipline in their conduct.


By Sarthak KathayatDaily routine: I feel blessed to be surrounded with monks. I believe they are really the men of their words. They take their oath seriously and no matter what, follow a set routine throughout their lifetime.


By Sarthak KathayatThey’re so like us: People have a common notion that monks are associated with the words like religion and prayers. But I see them everyday. They are no different from us. Prayers and religion are a part of their daily life but when they are free, they play, they read, they roam just like any other normal being.


By Sarthak KathayatBon appetit: What could be better than tasty food? I see these shops making yummy food everyday. The smell of this food can lure anyone from great distance.


By Sarthak KathayatInnocence on the streets: Oh yeah! Meet my small friend here. I have many tiny friends like him around me. Their innocence can fill anyone’s heart with joy.


By Sarthak KathayatSerenity: The monasteries around me are built in magnificently. One word, exquisite.


By Sarthak KathayatA soothing atmosphere: I hear from people around that big cities are so polluted but I am lucky.



2 thoughts on “The city of His Holiness

  1. Hi,
    I’m from bilaspur(chattishgarh),and have a blog site-visitonce.in. Today when I was going through travel blogs of different bloggers, I saw yours ! Kudos to you for such a beautiful post.Many more in near future. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi,
      I feel blessed to have such appreciation. Though it’s just for a college assignment but i’ll make sure that I keep posting. Thanks alot ma’am. And yeah, many more to come 😉


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