(Text and photos by Sarthak Kathayat)

Delhi, capital of India, has many places to visit. Connaught Place being one of them. Being the center of the city, the place is crowded with people day and night. Each one of us visit Connaught Place frequently and takes back a memory every time. But what experiences would Connaught Place as mortal would have?

Lets read what Connaught Place as a mortal has got to share.


By Sarthak KathayatInnocence in their smiles: I witness the innocence in their smiles everyday. Even though they don’t live a life like others of their age around them yet their smiles veils all their struggles and grievances.


By Sarthak KathayatSmall breaks: I see them sit and talk about their work. No matter how long the work will go on, they find a small break for themselves.


By Sarthak KathayatThe garland maker: He and his other friends makes me look colorful every morning. They are surrounded with the flowers and make a wreath of colors from them.


By Sarthak KathayatThe night scene 1: In the night, I get turned into a totally different avatar.


By Sarthak KathayatWhere it takes you: Night is usually the time to return and I see everyone in a hurry. I see everyone, be it someone in a car or be it someone walking tends to follow the light.


By Sarthak KathayatMe enormous: And yeah, at times I look way too huge.


By Sarthak KathayatThe brand game: May be that was the only brand he could afford!


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