(Text and photos by Sarthak Kathayat)

Indian history has change in the rulers, from Mughal Emperors to the British Empire. Many rulers have come and gone yet the monuments and buildings made by these rulers tends to stand erect even today too. Red fort is one of them. It’s been an important part of the Indian history. But what experiences would Red fort share with us like any other mortal?

Lets see what Red fort would share with us.


By Sarthak KathayatToo many, everyday: I witness a turnout of too many people everyday. Each of them keen to capture me yet no really interested in my past.


By Sarthak KathayatSit and relax: I see some of those who sit along with others and chill on my premises. They find me just like any other picnic spot.


By Sarthak KathayatBudding talent: Oh yeah! How can i forget these budding photographers who tend to capture my beauty in their frames.


By Sarthak KathayatChildhood problems: Amidst the crowd i see kids like him who tend to be unaware of adulthood and seems lost in their own world.


By Sarthak KathayatA touch of Allah: The mosques and shrines, that the Mughals built for prayer purposes. They are an important part of me since they keep me intact with essence of spirituality.


By Sarthak KathayatLike father, like son: At times I see children with their parents. As I see them, more I wonder how difficult it would be to inculcate your own values in your children.


By Sarthak KathayatThe barriers: But i believed that the barriers were built to break.!


By Sarthak KathayatThe British touch: Alright! This part of mine was built by the Britishers.


By Sarthak KathayatThe amusing look: I guess I know a woman’s best friend!


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